Monday, June 17, 2013

June odds & ends

I'm deep into my WIP, my magnum opus on chocolate (stats: 16,644 words at the end of my writing session today). The research is eye-opening, and the writing is going pretty well. More on that soon, but I just had to check in with a few odds & ends about Wild Horse Scientists. First, my good friend and critique partner, Sheri Doyle, was kind enough to share this pic of her cat Mimi, who looks like a potential fan:
 I think Mimi looks contemplative, don't you? (though she may need reading glasses, judging from how close her nose is to the page!) Those Big Sky mustangs from Montana are definitely something to think about. Especially in light of this video story that appeared (in the New York Times) today, which you can find here. If you're interested in background on the problem with wild horse populations that I wrote about in Wild Horse Scientists, checking out this short (under 10 minutes) video would be a good start. It includes some amazing footage from the original wild horse legislation days in the early 70s, and shows how it was a huge effort by the iconic "Wild Horse Annie" and legions of concerned kids who made it happen. Now it's time to look at where we are today, and some of the unintended consequences of that humane legislation.

And one more thing: I heard from National Park Service ranger and wild horse specialist Allison Turner today, and she sent a kind of blurry, distant photo (from about a half mile away) of the newest foal on Assateague Island (see my post from last month), spotted by Allison just today. Ta-da! You saw it here first!
Meanwhile Carol's Girl, the wild horse mom extraordinaire who has thus far managed to thwart all efforts at contraception, has not yet delivered this year's foal. But Allison says Carol's Girl has been very grumpy with the rest of her band lately, which probably means the time is soon. Stay tuned!

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